We started Dear 1982 as a nod to our 80s generation. Having grown up through multiple decades we realized that we wanted to make better choices all around. We wanted to create a brand with values that are now important to us in our late 30s - sustainability, quality, and social causes. Some of us are mothers, so we want to make better choices in the clothing we put our kids in. We want to express our messaging in a thoughtful and modern way to bring communities together. Let’s all inspire to conspire. 


We are committed to partnering with local manufacturers with ethical and vertically-integrated practices to minimize waste and our carbon footprint. This applies to our earth-friendly packaging as well. With every decision we make, we help our customers make responsible choices as well.


Our low waste designs don’t sacrifice on comfort or quality. We want to create long lasting everyday staples that allow you to inspire others. 

In unity, we champion for social causes we believe in. Inspiring each other and encouraging future generations. Reminding one another that we are all allies on Earth. Through our give back programs we make it easy for our customers to support important causes with their purchases.